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Welcome to the T|X club!!!
Hi! I'm Pedro Loustaunau. Welcome to the T|X club. I will post links and downloads to good T|X compatible programs. I will also post other things relating to the Palm T|X handheld as well as show special promotions relating to T|X owners. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see how to join.

Here's the T|X in landscape mode.This is a hi-res+ handheld.
Landscape mode. Just one more great thing about the T|X. The T|X's landscape mode allows for very confortable web viewing and sometimes better gaming.
  Have one of these wonderful devices? Join the club!
To join the T|X club, simply email me at myhomiesare@yahoo.com.mx and tell me this:

Your desired screen name
Date of purchase
Favorite feature
Anything cool you'd like to share
And, attach a small picture to be your avatar for the messege board

If your screen name's been taken, I'll let you know, but check the site before signing up to make sure the process is faster. If you are already a member and wish to post something, send me an email stating what you want the post to say, and your screen name. You'll see your post within a day or so.

Current T|X members:
1) P.Kitty (Founder)
2) Guitarist809 (Jan 06)
3) Nintendog (Jan 06)
3) TVNerd (Feb 06)

Cool T|X software.
Here I'll post cool software, both freeware and shareware. All prices will be stated next to the game. Note: some of this software may be available at my regular download page, but some may be exclusive. Click on the name to go it's site (if available), click on the price to purchase, and click download to download it.

Warfare Incorporated ($29.99). WI is a full screen game supporting multiple game modes for the T|X. This game is an addicting real time strategy with online capabilities as well as local multiplay, witch compliment's the T|X's bluetooth and wi-fi capability.Download here.
Official rating: 99

T|X with WI
Here is the T|X (in landscape) playing warfare incorporated. This game is one of the few full screen games there are for the T|X, and it runs great. The T|X's powerful proccessro allows for music playback while still playing such an advanced game as this.

Wanna help support the T|X club?
If you want to help the T|X club, click on the link below and credit your handheld (any that are new-ish will work) for my email address. Thanks. The list below are the handhelds that are creditable.
Support the T|X club!
Palm T|X
Treo 650
Tungsten C
Tungsten E2
Tungsten T3
Tungsten T5
Tungsten W
Zire 21
Zire 31
Zire 71
Zire 72
Palm Z22

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